ITOM measures automates evaluates analyzes plots calculates programms rocks!

itom display
itom display

Powerful. Professional. Fast.

Use the Python scripting language in a powerful IDE including Python debugging

Easily Get Started

Setup includes the most widely used python packages available (Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, etc.).
Includes OpenCV, Qt Framework, Point Cloud Library, and much more.

Open-Source & Platform independant

Runs on many Platforms - from Windows to Linux, Mac and Raspi
Free available (no charge) also for commercial use
Source code is licensed for sharing and improving through community work

Plug'n'Play Hardware

Cameras, light sources, actuators, IO devices and various other hardware can be controlled. All major camera manufacturers supported.

Custom GUIs

Easily create professionally looking GUIs with the WYSIWYG Qt-Designer.

ITOM Software

ITOM is an open source software suite for operating measurement systems, laboratory automation and data evaluation.

It can be used in a multitude of application areas, but especially is devoted to optical systems and image processing.

Built-in Features

Embedded Python
(IDE, Debug, PKGs)
Real-time image processing
Plotting graphs
Plug&Play Hardware
Cameras, Actuators, DataIO, etc.
Raytracing &
Optic simulation

Get to know how to start using ITOM. Instructions for download, installation and further information are given here.
Help improve and understand the structure behind the ITOM Software. The source code is hosted on
Info, Bug report, News
To stay up-to-date on new releases and other important informations please register to the Mailing list.
For reporting a Bug or if you are missing a feature - Use the issue tracking system of GitHub.
If you have individual questions about itom, plugins or if you miss support for s specific hardware device, please contact us using the information below.