4.4. Startup and Arguments

To start itom call the executable qitom. Under Windows this is for instance the file qitom.exe.

It is furthermore possible to pass additional arguments to the qitom executable. The following arguments are possible (the order of arguments is unimportant):

  1. <path-to-python-script.py>: opens the indicated script in the script editor. This argument can be appended multiple times.

  2. log: If the argument log is contained in the list of arguments, all messages sent via qDebug, QWarning… are sent to the logfile itomlog.txt in the application directory of itom. This can be used for debugging.

  3. name=<usernameID>: Pass an additional ID of an available user. If given, itom is started with this user and its corresponding setting files.

  4. run=<path-to-python-script.py>: similar to 1. Runs the given script (if it exists) after possible autostart scripts, which are part of the active user settings. The path to the script can also be put into quotation marks, if it contains spaces or other special characters. This argument can be appended multiple times.

  5. pipManager: If this argument ist given, only opens the Python Package Manager instead of the main GUI of itom. This can for instance be used to update Numpy, since this cannot be updated if the main GUI is started, since itom directly uses Numpy, such that some of its files are blocked during the runtime of itom.